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Searching for an IT Services & Technology Consulting?

NCC isn’t just a top provider of Managed IT Services, and we’re a trusted technology advisor that businesses throughout Texas count on. Unlike other IT support companies, NCC aligns our vision with yours. Our goal is long-term technology-based growth, improved operations, and a professional relationship that will last. Whether you’re looking for an immediate solution to an urgent IT issue or planning out your business’s future, NCC can help you. Your alignment with NCC will result in integrated, budget-friendly IT satisfaction from virtualization projects to complete hardware overhauls and everything in between. NCC works with a broad range of organizations, and our clients range in size from 20 employees all the way up to operations with hundreds of employees.

The Security Life Cycle

Your IT provider must stay one step ahead of potential threats to your network security. As an end-user, understanding your position in the security life cycle allows NCC to prepare a custom strategy to ensure your business network and valuable data are secure.

Security Audits/Assessment

A steady increase in hacker activity and the resulting spike in security breaches have made IT security more important now than ever.

Complete security begins by understanding your network, its vulnerabilities, and the overall security landscape. NCC’s Network Security program revolves around frequent security audits and ongoing assessments of vulnerabilities in your IT network.

Our comprehensive cybersecurity assessments find and address potential vulnerabilities within communication channels, third-party applications, hardware, and operating systems, as well as the overall network. In addition, our security audits can reveal risk factors in:

  • Trusted sources and internal users
  • Untrusted sources
  • User authentication/permission vulnerability
  • Viruses introduced via external means

First-Level Defense

These days, firewalls and encryption are a bare minimum for basic security protection. NCC goes well beyond this bare-bones approach, employing a layered cybersecurity approach to minimize your threat profile. Our measures include:

  • Centralized anti-virus protection
  • Advanced firewalls
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Policy management
  • Vulnerability scanning

IT Vulnerability & Cybersecurity Threats

Small businesses have been subject to steadily growing cyber risk over the past decade. As more businesses take their data into the cloud and expand their online operations, the danger grows exponentially.

Cybersecurity bad actors do not discriminate based on size. All companies, from the smallest one-person shop to multinational enterprise are vulnerable to both active and passive cyberattacks. Everyone is being targeted.

Protection against security threats begins with your organization and its people. A vast majority of cyberattacks originate through phishing emails or social engineering — meaning that they could have been avoided through proper training and awareness.

For this reason, NCC leads security training sessions for clients. Changing the perception of an organization isn’t easy; it requires an open discussion, knowledge of the threats, and policy for enforcement.

Implement NCC’s Network Monitoring Program

Combined with our layered Network Security Program, our Network Monitoring Service provides the highest level of threat defense. During implementation, networks can continue to run smoothly with little internal delay or outside interruption.

All NCC engineers are trained to anticipate the variables that can affect your systems, such as power outages, consumer demand, human error, or malicious acts. We plan ahead to prevent these issues and minimize the impact on your business.

As your business becomes more dependent on technology, ensuring your network investment is securely operating at its full capacity becomes even more critical. Downtime, cyberattacks, and slow networks can seriously hinder employee productivity and office morale.

Before your ideal network can be deployed, it must be designed. Whether creating a new network environment from scratch or migrating to a higher-performance option, NCC’s network solutions offer superior flexibility, scalability, and long-term performance.

A team of certified network engineers from NCC can evaluate your current network environments and recommend a plan for optimization or migration. Following implementation, NCC Data can provide ongoing managed IT support or transition to an internal IT department.

Where Does Network Monitoring Come Into Play?

In cases where ongoing IT support is required, our Network Monitoring solution allows the NCC team to track and understand the hardware, software, and personnel interactions in your network. Through this system, we can provide support from any location.

Who Needs Network Monitoring?

Today’s business processes often create an ecosystem wherein technology, processes, and staff support and rely on each other. This complex relationship allows for a greater benefit for the organization but can often introduce inefficiencies or complications.

NCC uses a process-based approach to minimize costs to maximize efficiencies throughout such ecosystems. Our approach ensures the maximum ROI on your technology investments and greater benefit to hardware, software, and personnel.

It is not uncommon for monitoring solutions to bring a ten-fold return on investment. In an increasingly competitive global market, optimizing existing processes can give your enterprise a much-needed edge.

What Do I Need in a Network Monitoring Solution?

Network monitoring solutions range from individual application monitoring to complete network solutions. Beyond the basics, NCC works with small to enterprise businesses to determine which additional components are needed.

Common features every monitoring system should include:

  • Root-cause analysis
  • Base-lining, application availability
  • Application response time, uptime, and reliability
  • Single interface to evaluate each of the above metrics

There are numerous cost and productivity benefits that come with outsourcing your IT needs.

NCC excels at offering integrated managed services, even when clients only need a partial level of service. Fractional outsourcing, outsourcing only a portion of your IT, allows your in-house IT staff to keep your preferred core functions onsite.

Scenario 1: Help Desk Support

An in-house help desk can quickly be overwhelmed with support tickets and requests. This ties up your IT department, making it impossible for them to focus on the “big picturing” — working on new projects or planning your technology strategy. NCC can manage your IT help support tickets remotely through our Outsourced Help Desk service.

Scenario 2: Specialized Experience

NCC’s network engineers, project managers, and business analysts often perform evaluations of company networks, infrastructure, and more. Bringing in an experienced team of outside IT consultants can reveal opportunities for improved security, IT management, performance, and cost savings. A fresh perspective from the experts at NCC can improve the performance of your internal IT department.

Scenario 3: Non-Sensitive Data

NCC offers the latest in managed network security and cloud-based data management solutions, but some organizations still prefer to keep certain sensitive data in-house. NCC allows you to keep the IT functions that touch your private data internal while outsourcing everyday IT help desk support, asset management, and network optimization services that don’t interfere with your internal team.

Partial IT Outsourcing Services

NCC provides on-site, remote, and on-call technical personnel during normal business hours or 24/7, depending on your needs. Every engagement is independently evaluated to ensure that we’re aligned with your vision and that your unique needs are met.

When needed, NCC blends fractional IT resources with your internal team to deliver flexible and scalable IT support that meets your budget requirements. You choose the length of time, the number and experience of resources, and the commitment (on-site, remote, etc.), and we execute in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

What Are IT Functions Commonly Outsourced?

  • 24 x 7 IT Help Desk Service and Technical Support
  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Network Switches
  • Complete Managed Cybersecurity
  • Firewall and Antivirus
  • Dedicated Servers and Exchange Hosting
  • Network Design and Audits
  • Network Security
  • Virtualization
  • Email Solutions, including archiving, Anti-SPAM and backup

Don’t Settle for Anything Less than a Strategic IT Partnership.

The IT professionals at NCC are committed to providing the best possible experience for our clients. Our customer satisfaction rankings are among the best in the industry. We work with our clients to turn every dollar spent on technology into an investment that yields a hefty return.

NCC can fill the gaps in your existing IT team or provide complete oversight of your technology needs. Our most popular services include:
  • Fractional Outsourcing
  • IT Helpdesk Support
  • Managed Cybersecurity
  • Threat Detection and Response
  • Asset Management

The NCC team can perform work on-site, partially on-site, remote, or fully remote. On-site training is provided for most solutions, and emergency support is always available. NCC’s team of technology consultants can meet any Managed Services and technology consultancy needs with flexible service options. In addition to our IT solutions, our consultants can help your business with many technology challenges:

NCC offers scalable pricing, making it easy for your IT to grow with your business.