IT Strategy Consulting Services

In many businesses, the support staff is overwhelmed with the operational side of IT: things like frequent help desk tickets, software updates, and routine maintenance. Rarely can an IT department step back from the daily to-do list and evaluate the business and its IT processes?

It’s easy to forget that IT is meant to support and advance overall business objectives. It should be more than “break/fix” and troubleshooting. When an outside IT consultant brings a fresh perspective to the organization, much can be learned.

Complete IT Assessments from NCC Data

NCC typically begins a new business relationship with an IT assessment to determine the weaknesses and opportunities in your current IT team, technology strategy, and execution.


These IT assessments begin with a few important questions:

  • Is a business expansion on the horizon?
  • Did you recently merge or acquire a business?
  • Is there companywide frustration with IT or a specific technology?
  • Is there an opportunity for technology to be further integrated with your business process?
  • Is the budget for IT in control?

After understanding your business and expected objectives, NCC works with you to build a roadmap for your business’s future.

Our IT assessments help you to quickly resolve problems and provide a solid strategy for prioritizing technology resolutions. After a critical examination of a business, clients either solve recommendations using an existing support team or outsource the work to the NCC team. Either way, once solutions are implemented, clients experience improved efficiency, organization, and productivity, usually while reducing their expenses.

Strategic IT Approach:

  • NCC’s professional services team will explore and conduct an in-depth examination of your business resources, goals, and technology adoption.
  • Network Engineers will fully assess your current computer and network environment, considering how each part of your IT infrastructure works across departments and meets business goals.
  • IT Asset Management: during an assessment, NCC catalogs current and upgraded software and all licensing and regulatory compliances. The result helps you maintain hardware equipment life cycles.
  • Network and Server Solutions create a game plan that ranges from network design and integration to security services.
  • NCC will identify and prioritize any necessary IT improvements, including migrations, suggested upgrades, process changes, and more. These recommendations will work on targeting specific business problems and streamline existing processes between departments and vendors.

An IT assessment from NCC plans to solve short, medium, and long-term goals with cost-effective IT solutions while recognizing potential vulnerabilities in security.

After an assessment, NCC can hand off the insights or work with your existing IT department in execution. Typically, NCC can execute short-term plans quickly, with minimal disruption to your business.

Your long-term technology migrations and processes can be continually monitored through completion. NCC often guides clients months after an IT assessment, keeping systems current, managing vendors and IT assets, and supporting your existing IT team.