Cloud Services from NCC Data

Cloud computing has revolutionized data storage, productivity, and communications for businesses of all sizes.

NCC’s cloud services eliminate the high capital expenses and maintenance required when buying and maintaining on-site hardware. Cloud computing offers access, organization, and storage of digital content anywhere there is internet access.

The cost of building computer hardware for information storage and hiring staff to maintain this hardware is eliminated with the cloud, reducing your bottom line and simplifying your processes.

Cloud computing with NCC is not only economical but also user-friendly. Storing sensitive data is hassle-free and secure. Information management is streamlined and efficient. Because of this, you are freed to focus on mission-critical business tasks rather than troubleshooting business software and hardware.

Cloud computing changes how information is delivered and stored, but the user experience and cost factors are greatly improved. Your information always remains secure, accessible, and under your control.

Cloud Service Options

NCC cutting-edge cloud services include:

Managed Private Cloud Solutions

NCC offers private cloud services — a unique approach to software applications, file sharing, and file management —  to businesses of all sizes. Also known as internal or corporate cloud, this solution is the most customizable and personalized cloud option. When you take advantage of NCC’s cloud services, you will always have access to your software, applications, and data. When more customization, availability, and control is required,  a private cloud hosted behind a firewall proves the ideal solution. Unlike a shared cloud solution, private clouds remain solely under the owner’s control. As such, the level of control over the platform, customization of software and services, and security is greater than when using a public cloud.

Benefits of a Private Cloud

  • Reduce capital expenditures for storage and hardware.
  • Free up IT staff from performing time-consuming back-ups and server maintenance.
  • Perform rapid and effective disaster recovery whenever needed.
  • Provide access to software and services to employees in multiple locations.
  • Increase productivity with time saved on back-ups and updates.
  • Facilitates remote workers and decentralized workspace situations.

Consider employing a private cloud to streamline your business and shift your focus to top priorities, future growth, and long-term success. Contact NCC to discuss the benefits of cloud computing within your business. We specialize in managing IT and professional services, keeping your network secure, and optimizing your resources.  We proudly serve North Texas as one of the top independent IT solutions companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Business continuity is a real concern, and every organization should have a solid disaster recovery plan in place. Nearly every business is vulnerable to the loss of important through power outages, human error, or security breaches. Data loss can quickly turn into loss of income if your business does not get up and running in a timely manner.

Redundancy and backups can be the best insurance against such events. NCC helps you create a thorough disaster recovery plan and execute that plan in the cloud. Our cloud backup service duplicates data frequently, checking for areas that are especially vulnerable to loss or corruption. Cloud disaster recovery services function in much the same way, pulling from many duplicate backup sites to recover and repair your files quickly.

Let NCC help keep your livelihood safe and secure with cloud computing services. Cloud disaster recovery, back-up, and storage services can:

  • Reduce overhead costs: Less physical hardware and storage space is required.
  • Streamline backup and update procedures: Everyone has the same software versions—always.
  • Minimize demands on IT staff: Productivity increases as personnel are freed to focus on other concerns.
  • Provide workplace flexibility: Cloud services open up possibilities for telecommuting and global business.

Security threats are not limited to hackers who want to steal your private information. Power outages and human error are also factors that put your company’s sensitive material at risk.

Protecting your business’ cloud is a serious matter at NCC. Toward that end, we provide solutions for a number of cloud security concerns:

  • Application security: Extensive testing ensures that applications delivered through the cloud must be secure.
  • Identity management: Incorporation of each customer’s identity management system into our own infrastructure restricts access of private information only to those who are entitled to it.
  • Physical security: NCC’s cloud servers are thoroughly protected to maintain our clients’ security and regulatory compliance.
  • Privacy: Information is masked or encrypted as needed to uphold our clients’ cloud privacy.

The NCC team has the experience and training to anticipate attacks and protect your business cloud against security invasion. As with our managed services division, our highly skilled staff looks out for vulnerabilities within the cloud environment to stop security breaches before they happen. If your company’s security is compromised, our experts work swiftly and effectively to repair, recover, and regroup.

Our innovative cloud storage services are just one more reason why NCC is considered a leading independent IT services provider throughout Texas. Our clients can put their full trust in NCC’s cloud storage services when managing even the most sensitive digital content.

Gain a new peace of mind through our cloud solutions. Back-up tapes and other traditional data storage solutions require physical storage space, staff administrators and a strict backup schedule. Cloud computing involves none of these factors, making your workplace less stressful and more secure.

NCC’s cloud solutions streamline and simplify a variety of challenges that many businesses face:

NCC Data’s cloud services include:

  • Remote storage: No longer do you need to manage multiple storage facilities for branch offices or off-site locations. Cloud storage acts as a single, centralized storage facility.
  • Archival and backup services: Data is backed up and archived seamlessly through the cloud, but is always accessible.
  • Increase in demand: Need more storage space right now? NCC Data’s cloud can handle additional storage requirements during times of peak demand.
  • Recovery solutions: Cloud storage is designed to prevent loss of data, but sometimes the unexpected occurs. Recovery through the cloud is quick and effective.

Cloud services are known to be robust, reliable, and user-friendly. The very same terms can be used to describe NCC. We are proud to be one of the top independent IT companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a subset of cloud computing that focuses on the use of software applications. Sometimes called “on-demand software,” SaaS applications are hosted on the cloud and accessed through a web browser. This allows users to run the software anywhere there is an internet connection.

Not only does this setup increase productivity and flexibility, but it also offers significant reductions in associated hardware costs.

SaaS has become quite popular in several industries, including:

  • Human resources management
  • Accounting
  • Customer relations management
  • Managed information systems

Convenience and security are also positive factors. With SaaS, system and software are updated through the cloud; everyone will receive the latest updates simultaneously, and important security updates won’t go unnoticed.

NCC makes Cloud SaaS very affordable, and we even handle the management of software licensing. This comprehensive service allows you to concentrate on the business at hand without worrying about administering your software tools.

Cloud Server Hosting Solutions

With cloud server hosting from NCC, your business information, documents, and applications are hosted remotely through the cloud. This eliminates the need for additional hardware and storage space at your physical location, reducing capital expenditures and maintenance woes. Cloud consolidation is a fantastic way to save your business time and money.

With our cloud server hosting solution, you retain full access to your data as well as control over the cloud platform. Your data is secure and always available, granting you more flexibility and opportunities for greater productivity. Unlike in-house servers, your cloud server will experience almost no downtime, and you won’t lose precious time or dollars to maintenance.

Cloud Server Hosting Benefits

  • Greater security
  • No server maintenance
  • Easy disaster recovery
  • Managed backups
  • Centralization of services and products

You can rely on NCC for all of your business IT needs. Our IT specialists are trained to anticipate vulnerabilities, prevent security attacks and restore files lost due to technological disasters.