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Virtualization Consulting Services

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the process of placing applications and operating systems onto a virtual machine, or an emulation of a hardware-based computer system or server. This method requires fewer physical servers and IT resources, performs more efficiently and requires very little maintenance.

Virtualization is one of the most popular IT trends and can benefit businesses of any size. With virtualization services from NCC, businesses are better prepared for disaster recovery and experience lower business operating costs, server downtime, and maintenance. Any component to IT infrastructure can be optimized by inserting virtual layers between hardware and software.

NCC consults businesses on the best use of virtualization, taking into account business growth, staffing, current and future IT assets. Our solutions are cost-effective and flexible.

Server Virtualization

On-site servers are often replaced with virtualization, as server hardware is a costly investment, requires routine maintenance, experiences regular downtime, and eats up significant IT resources to manage.

Server virtualization can seem cost-prohibitive to implement, but over time, significant savings accrue in terms of system maintenance, life cycle refreshes, scaling infrastructure, and procurement of servers. In most cases, a business can reduce the number of servers needed by 80 – 90 percent!

Information is also easier to access through virtualization. Employees can work from home and still access all necessary files and data while experiencing greater speeds and fewer latency or connectivity issues.

Perhaps most importantly for growing businesses, server virtualization is easier to scale. This is a critical consideration for thriving operations, or those faced with the possibility of acquisition.

Desktop Virtualization

Enterprise-level desktop virtualization involves an individual instance of a desktop operating system and applications accessed through a virtual machine on a server.

Desktop virtualization allows for a host of benefits: remote access, faster performance, greater security, easier updates, and longer life on equipment all while resulting in lower costs and overhead.

Although desktop virtualization is a powerful solution, it can be a more difficult to implement than server virtualization. It also takes longer to achieve cost savings and usually requires a lengthy migration plan initially. These challenges aside, desktop virtualization still has its place in business and is growing in popularity at the enterprise level.

Outsourcing Your Virtualization Strategy

NCC’s network engineers and IT consultants have performed virtualization for companies of all sizes, from a few servers all the way up hundreds of devices.

NCC begins the virtualization process with a careful analysis of your business objectives and operations. Once the migration is complete, IT staff will have greater control over:

  • Servers
  • Operating Systems
  • Applications
  • Data Storage
  • Networks

NCC works with industry leaders VMware and Microsoft which allows small businesses and enterprises a choice in virtualization cost, performance, and packages.

Contact the virtualization consultants at NCC Data in Dallas Fort-Worth to find out more about improving your IT network through virtualization.

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Virtualization from servers to desktop for small to enterprise businesses throughout Dallas, Fort Worth

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Virtualization is the process of creating several virtual machines (VMs) from one physical machine. Software called a hypervisor allocates computing resources to each VM as needed. This allows the VMs to perform just like multiple physical machines, but they use a single physical machine’s CPU, memory, and storage.

This means you need fewer servers, but you can use the ones you do have to their fullest capacity. These efficiency gains translate into immense savings on hardware capital expenses and upkeep costs.

Most importantly, virtualization allows you flexibility with your technology and software. With properly set up VMs, you can run multiple types of apps, desktops, and operating systems while avoiding the high costs of hardware.

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