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Disaster Recovery Solutions In Dallas

Preparing for an IT disaster is no longer an option. Increasing reliance on technology paired with growing cyber threats makes preparation essential — and that’s without factoring in the ever-present risk of natural disasters and human error.

89% of businesses who suffer a severe data breach or loss report significant damage to their revenue streams and reputation. Within a year, the majority of these businesses are forced to fold or file bankruptcy.

Even still, many business owners choose to roll the dice when it comes to preparedness. Thanks to NCC, you no longer have to take the gamble against viruses, ransomware, hardware failure, or unpredictable acts of god.

NCC can help you formulate and execute a disaster recovery plan that will minimize your downtime and risk without breaking your IT budget.

What is the Disaster Recovery Plan?

A proper disaster recovery plan includes a backup of email, data management, dedicated servers, as well as coordination with other departments including accounting, human resources, and marketing. Consider it a backup of the entire company, preventing a loss and allowing for speedy recovery in the face of any disaster.

Don’t assume that your business has a backup plan in place. More importantly, be cautious about relying on a passive backup and recovery plan that is not tested and maintained regularly. If your backups are not current, or they’re corrupted, they won’t be of much help when needed.

Outsourced Disaster Backup and Recovery

No matter how large or small your organization, NCC’s engineers can help you create an optimal plan to avoid IT calamity.

Our network engineers are experienced in both preventing and handling serious data disasters. With a team that has managed disaster on the front lines, you can leverage our experience to prevent many disasters from ever occurring, and reducing the downtime and recovery following any that do.

Benefits of NCC’s Disaster Recovery Solutions:

  • Comprehensive disaster recovery spanning every department, intellectual property, and company information
  • Prevention of more common disasters including hardware failures and viruses
  • Full protection against total disasters with backup of all important assets in real time
  • Fast recovery in 24 hours or less in most cases
  • Customized recovery solutions for any budget
  • Experienced consultants, knowledgeable in every disaster scenario



IT Disaster Recovery Services

Comprehensive Business Backup and Data Protection throughout Dallas-Fort Worth

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Ensure your business’ continuity through natural disasters, cyber attacks, or other unforeseen events. The right data backup and recovery solution can mean all the difference.

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