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Technologies change. Business goals remain.

Custom IT Solutions in the Cloud

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Expert, Impartial Guidance

Navigate your options and choose the best solution for your business with our proven matchmaking process. At NCC Data, we provide recommendations based on a thorough assessment of your business needs and goals. We do the heavy lifting to map your needs and goals to the best solution. Because we have no direct ties to specific providers, you can rest assured that you’re guided to the best fit for you, not us.

Verified Solutions Partners 

We do the research, so you don’t have to. All solutions partners are verified and validated to ensure high-quality performance and support. With so many options available today, it’s critical that you choose a provider you can trust. We help you do that.  

Customized Solutions

Your business has unique needs and goals, so why settle for a cookie-cutter solution? At NCC Data, we work with your team to uncover not only the big goals and obvious needs, but also the nuances that make your business unique. Together, we create a custom solution that you can rely on. And we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for recommendations. That means empowering our clients with intelligent strategies and sound solutions through complementary consultations.

Contract Negotiations

Finding the best-fit solution for your business includes finding a solution that fills the need and fits your budget. We won’t leave you with suggestions, we’ll go with you to the finish line. With 25+ years of experience negotiating contracts with dozens of industries and hundreds of top technology providers, we ensure the cost – TCO and ROI – makes sense for your business. We guarantee the right technology at the best price.

Strengthen Your IT Team with NCC Data


Protect your business, your data, and your team from cybersecurity threats and attacks with a proven team of experts.

Unified Communications

Unify your communications into a single platform for voice, team chats, and video conferencing.

Managed IT Services

Meet all of your Managed Services and technology consultancy needs and overcome technology challenges with flexible service options.

Contact Center/CX

Optimize the customer experience with actionable data and the latest technology for omnichannel communications.

Managed Networks

Leverage the expertise of trusted technology advisers for all your networking needs and free your IT staff to focus on other tasks.


Simplify network management, improve application performance, and decrease bandwidth costs with a more efficient approach.

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Increase the resiliency and strength of your IT team with expert guidance and support from NCC Data.

To get started, simply request a complimentary consultation. We will discuss your current needs and expectations for the future and then create a plan that is customized to your unique business. Consider us an extension of your team. A partner to help ease the stress and allow you to optimize operations and resources.
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