Secure, optimized, and scalable: Managed IT for every business

Running a business requires constant attention, and IT shouldn’t be a distraction. NCC Data’s managed IT services provide comprehensive solutions to keep your technology secure and reliable. We offer a comprehensive suite of managed IT solutions to safeguard your data and systems, optimize network performance, and deliver ongoing support and expertise. Trust us to take care of your day-to-day IT needs so you can focus on your business goals.

NCC Data’s managed IT services are designed to scale alongside you. As your company evolves, our services adapt to accommodate new technologies, changing user demands, and strategic IT initiatives. This adaptability allows you to embrace the latest advancements without expensive upgrades or the burden of managing complex IT systems in-house. Whether you’re a small business seeking a foundation for growth or an established company looking to optimize existing infrastructure, we’re ready to meet your needs — today, tomorrow, and beyond.


NCC implements a multi-layered approach to keeping business information safely inside your organization before it is ever compromised. NCC protects a range of client networks from security threats, regardless of size. Enterprise, mid-size, and even small businesses are all at risk everyday, and it is our priority to protect every client from existing and emerging cyber threats.

The Four-Layer NCC Network Security Program

  • Regular Security Audits/Assessment
  • First-Level Defense (Firewall, Spam Management, Anti-Virus)
  • Internet Threat Prevention
  • Detection of Security Threats

Unparalleled cybersecurity protection

Don’t let cybersecurity concerns slow you down. NCC Data’s managed cybersecurity services offer proactive protection against cyberattacks, ensuring your data and network are always safe.

Our approach revolves around frequent security audits and ongoing assessments of vulnerabilities in your IT network, followed by solutions that safeguard your business. We identify, patch, and monitor vulnerabilities across communication channels, third-party apps, hardware, operating systems, and your network at large to guarantee peace of mind.

  • Vulnerability and penetration testing to identify and address weaknesses in your defenses
  • 24/7 threat monitoring to detect suspicious activity and respond immediately
  • Advanced firewalls and intrusion prevention systems to block unauthorized access
  • Email security and spam filtering to protect against phishing attacks and malware
  • Employee security training to empower your team to recognize and avoid cyberthreats

Network monitoring for peak performance

Downtime, cyberattacks, and slow networks can cripple a business’s most critical operations. NCC Data helps you maintain peak performance and discover potential issues before they become problems.

Our managed network-monitoring services provide continuous oversight of your network infrastructure. We take a tailored approach to optimization, helping you modify and expand your network as your business need grows. Whether managing deployed hardware or configuring software updates, we’re here to support your network performance.

  • Real-time network performance monitoring to identify and troubleshoot problems
  • Proactive maintenance and optimization to keep your network running smoothly
  • Detailed network reports with valuable insights into network health and usage patterns
  • Alerting and notification system to keep you informed of potential issues

Co-managed IT: The best of both worlds

Looking for a niche IT expert to complement your in-house team? Extend the capabilities of your existing IT staff with co-managed IT solutions from NCC Data. We seamlessly integrate with your team to provide the resources and proficiency you need.

Our pool of expertise runs deep, spanning network engineers, project managers, business analysts, and more. NCC Data’s IT consultants can reveal opportunities for improved security, IT management, performance, and cost savings, giving you a fresh perspective on how to maximize the performance of your internal IT operations.

  • Help-desk support to resolve user issues quickly and efficiently
  • Strategic IT guidance to help you make informed technology decisions
  • Infrastructure management to ensure your systems are reliable and up to date
  • Security expertise to keep your business safe from cyberthreats

Cloud management and migration

Whether you’re already operating in the cloud, running a hybrid data management model, or gearing up for a cloud migration, NCC Data is your all-in-one resource for managed cloud services. We help businesses like yours embrace the agility and scalability of cloud computing with simplicity and ease.

NCC Data’s expertise with unified communications, cloud cybersecurity, and virtual IT support services makes us your trusted partner for all aspects of cloud management and migration. Let us help you configure your cloud services into a cohesive, reliable, robust environment that empowers your business to function more efficiently.

  • Cloud migration and implementation to seamlessly transition workloads to the cloud
  • Ongoing management and optimization to ensure optimal ROI on your cloud investment
  • Data backup and disaster recovery solutions to keep your business up and running
  • Security solutions specifically designed to protect cloud data and applications