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Communicate with anyone through phone, text, video, email, and instant messaging

Collaborative work is at an all-time high. At NCC, we offer the solution that you need. It is simple, connect to the internet, and work with your customers, teammates, or vendors in new ways with today’s work from anywhere situations.

Unify all of your communications into a single platform for voice, team chats, and video conferencing. Save time with a simple administration tool or have us manage it for you. Our unique features make it easy for organizations and intuitive for users.

UCaaS: is the future of business communications.

Unified Communications as a Service integrates voice, messaging, and collaboration functions to deliver a complete, integrated business communications solution. NCC’s Unified communications can help keep your company’s productivity high while keeping your total ownership cost low.

Take more customer calls with your call center in the cloud today.

Today’s Contact Center systems are designed to handle higher call volumes than a typical inbound call center and can integrate e-mail, chat and social media communication in one centralized platform.

You can now automate sales, customer support and self-service options all within your call center today.

Meetings optimized for the way your team works.

Create your meeting, invite participants, and set a date — all on one screen. Then with one click, start your call. It is that easy and makes video calls smooth, extending your team’s capabilities using one of the many cloud platforms available today.