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Managed Private Cloud Services

NCC offers private cloud services — a unique approach to software applications, file sharing, and file management —  to businesses of all sizes. Also known as internal or corporate cloud, this solution is the most customizable and personalized cloud option. When you take advantage of NCC’s cloud services, you will always have access to your software, applications, and data. When more customization, availability, and control is required,  a private cloud hosted behind a firewall proves the ideal solution. Unlike a shared cloud solution, private clouds remain solely under the owner’s control. As such, the level of control over the platform, customization of software and services, and security is greater than when using a public cloud.

Private Cloud Benefits

  • Reduce capital expenditures for storage and hardware.
  • Free up IT staff from performing time-consuming back-ups and server maintenance.
  • Perform rapid and effective disaster recovery whenever needed.
  • Provide access to software and services to employees in multiple locations.
  • Increase productivity with time saved on back-ups and updates.
  • Facilitates remote workers and decentralized work space situations.
Consider employing a private cloud to streamline your business and shift your focus to top priorities, future growth, and long-term success. Contact NCC to discuss the benefits of cloud computing within your business. We specialize in managing IT and professional services, keeping your network secure, and optimizing your resources.  We proudly serve North Texas as one of the top independent IT solutions companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.
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Take Advantage of Cloud Computing Providing a Private Cloud for Employees.

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