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IT Asset Management Solutions Dallas

Technology is more important to businesses than ever. Unfortunately, many organizations are facing unpredictable costs, large capital expenses, and other challenges that make it difficult for them to fully leverage their IT.

NCC understands business technology and how to get the most from it. We can guide you to the right vendors, streamline implementation, and help you avoid costly pitfalls. Maximizing the productive use of IT assets can save companies millions of dollars long-term, and NCC can help you take control of a broad range of asset management concerns:  

  • Access and installation
  • Priority of assets, needs, and usage
  • Current hardware and software assets ownership
  • Cost of assets and resell value
  • Lifecycle depreciation of assets
  • Replacement and procurement
  • Anticipatory needs and future procurement

IT Hardware Lifecycle Management

NCC organizes and reviews the entire lifecycle of your hardware, starting with existing equipment, and making recommendations for new equipment when it’s needed. For new equipment, our bulk discounts and industry connections ensure you receive the lowest prices possible.

IT Hardware Lifecycle Management involves managing equipment through every stage, from its original acquisition to its trade in or disposal. In between those two events are other important considerations:

  • Maintenance – On-site repairs or warranty replacements.
  • Upgrades – Memory, storage, and speed enhancements or replacement of legacy equipment.
  • Allocating assets for better use elsewhere in your company.

NCC’s Lifecycle Management helps fine-tune your physical resources for the best possible return on your tech investment. Throughout the process, NCC will provide your accounting with accurate depreciation costs. Our goal is to help you extend the life of IT equipment, maximize its value, and increase your ability to upgrade.

Software Asset Management Program

Prior to making any major decisions about your software program, NCC will perform a SAM review. By completing a thorough inventory of software, matching of software licenses to users, and a review of licensing policies and procedures, we will deploy our best practice tools and processes to create a strong SAM program that delivers these benefits:

  • Reduce purchasing costs through volume discounts
  • Control costs by eliminating unused licensed applications
  • Reduce legal liability arising from the use of unlicensed software
  • Reduce security risks through un-patched or old software installations
  • Control costs by purchasing only the licenses you really need
  • Comply with regulatory requirements

Software License Compliance

Managing software licenses can be complex and time consuming, especially if your business has multiple locations. NCC’s complete license management solution makes it easy for you to:

  • Manage many kinds of licensing options including client access (CAL), volume, enterprise, OEM, per-processor, per-user, and others.
  • Record license purchases, dates, and costs, and associate related documents such as contracts and purchase orders.
  • Allocate licenses to various departments and confirm installations in these exact locations.
  • Automate the gathering of inventory and usage data.
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Maximize Your IT Hardware & Software Investment

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IT Asset Management can help a business reach its long-term goals. Our IT Asset Management professionals will introduce best practices that deliver real value to your organization.

Technology is ubiquitous in today’s workplace. Desktop computers, notebooks, smartphones, and VoIP telephones; most businesses rely on these tools.

Technology facilitates the day-to-day operations within an organization, but it’s often taken for granted. In truth, tech represents a major investment and is critical to the revenue stream. Chances are good that technology plays some part in every dollar earned by your business!
IT company in texas

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