There’s a buzz in the B2B marketplace about the best spend and methodologies for a company’s IT operations. Small to medium-sized businesses in particular are seizing the opportunity for Managed Services, where a service provider manages their network equipment and applications for a definable monthly fee – and best yet, they’re seeing enterprise-class capabilities without a large initial investment. Even large businesses are realizing their IT employees are a valuable strategic resource that they can use to improve profits in many ways, but that team is often allocated to maintaining the hardware and running the network to support the employees.

Some of our clients’ managed services are hosted offsite, meaning that we as the service provider manage, maintain and/or host the clients’ equipment in our facility instead of the customer’s, and deliver the various IT services to company employees over a Wide Area Network (WAN) or virtual network.

Business owners not only realize increased efficiencies and improved security and stability of their infrastructure, but they also enjoy these other benefits by adopting a managed or remote managed IT solution:

• Streamlined system administration leading to lower IT costs

• Increase organizational security

• Reduced downtime

• Higher organizational productivity

• Improved help desk and system support

It’s all about helping a business run smoother, faster, and without a lot of interruptions. Managed Services providers like NCC Data help companies realize higher levels of network support and availability and pay only for those networking services that they require.

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