How are you handling your business IT? Are you getting the best performance and return?

Managed IT means less hassle and better outcomes: lower cost, lower stress, better performance, ease of management, and tighter security.

How can managed IT save you money and solve problems? NCC has 7 top benefits of a trusted managed IT provider for you to consider.

1. Lower Your IT Costs

In-house IT staff – supplemented by contractors for project work – can be costly. You’re also responsible for handling all aspects of the additional personnel, including turnover, hiring, training, career development, and management. The vast majority of businesses save money with managed IT because the simplified monthly outsourcing cost means fewer staff headaches and customized levels of service – a more cost-effective answer than bringing it all in-house.

2. Grows With Your Business

The world of business technology is in constant flux. New cloud services, new hardware, new software, and new strategies come to market every week. Working with a Managed IT provider puts an IT expert in your camp so they can help you adapt and keep ahead of competitors. Most business owners want to focus on growing, not on keeping their technology functioning and efficient.

Also worth noting: Managed IT is easily scalable, so it can grow alongside your business without bringing along huge capital expenses.

3. Simplified IT

The more time you personally spend on your IT, the less time you have to move the business forward. A managed service provider takes on the burden of overseeing, protecting, and optimizing your network and data. With IT expertise on call, you can streamline workflow and optimize performance quickly and easily.

4. Cybersecurity

This is the big one as we move into 2020. Ransomware, hacking, virus attacks, malware, data breaches – cyber criminals attack businesses by the thousands every day. Overseas hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and have taken to targeting small businesses in the West. The right managed IT provider can keep you from becoming their next victim. We are experts in the best tools and training methods to safeguard your systems.

5. Specialized IT Expertise

Staffing an in-house IT department can leave large gaps in expertise. By choosing a managed IT provider that’s fully staffed with knowledgeable specialists, you can count on getting your IT problems resolved quickly. You can also rest easy knowing that your managed IT service provider’s staff is knowledgeable in new technologies that you’ve thought about implementing. No need to hire on new staff to accommodate changing technology!

6. Gain a Technological Advantage

Businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of managed services. So much so that managed IT utilization is expected to nearly double in the next 5 years. This growth is being driven by the numerous advantages of outsourcing your IT. Numerous benefits — cost control, flexibility, scalability, reliability, security and much more — give businesses a distinct edge. With cloud services expanding to include so many businesses, specialized IT becomes even more necessary.

7. Robust IT With No Downtime

IT downtime can cost a company anywhere from $100,000 an hour to millions of dollars. With this kind of money on the line, the goal becomes prevention, not remediation. Managed IT service providers can help minimize downtime, whether it’s caused by ransomware, natural disasters, or old-fashioned human error. Cloud services, backup and recovery, and a strong cybersecurity plan all work towards keeping your business up and running.

Some Bandwagons are Worth Jumping On

A changing market and constant IT improvements are radically changing the way business technology is done. Hiring in-house IT is still essential for some operations, but high-priority concerns like security, competition, scalability, and reliability call for specialized expertise. Fully-managed IT makes businesses more competitive and better equipped while saving them money, time, and headaches.

How can your Texas business benefit from managed IT? Schedule a free consult with our team to find out what NCC Data can do for you.