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(SAAS) Software As a Service In Cloud Computing

SaaS is a subset of cloud computing that focuses on the use of software applications. Sometimes called “on-demand software”, SaaS applications are hosted on the cloud and accessed through a web browser. This allows users to run the software anywhere there is an internet connection.

Not only does this setup increase productivity and flexibility, but it also offers significant reductions in associated hardware costs.

SaaS has become quite popular in a number of industries, including:

  • Human resources management
  • Accounting
  • Customer relations management
  • Managed information systems

Convenience and security are also positive factors. With SaaS, system and software are updated through the cloud; everyone will receive the latest updates at the same time and important security updates won’t go unnoticed.

NCC makes Cloud SaaS very affordable, and we even handle management of software licensing. This comprehensive service allows you to concentrate on business at hand, without worrying about administering your software tools.

Contact NCC to discuss the benefits of cloud computing for your business. We proudly serve North Texas as one of the top independent IT solutions companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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