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Hurricane Season

and Business Continuity

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The DFW Metroplex doesn’t have to worry about direct hits from hurricanes during the storm season, but tornadoes and flooding still present a very real danger to your operation.

Are you prepared?

Protect Your Business from Disaster

Trouble comes in many forms, and severe weather presents one of the most uncontrollable and unpredictable challenges that businesses can face. Even inland, where direct hurricane strikes are almost no threat, tornadoes and flooding continue to cause damage year after year.

Ensure your operation can carry on with minimal or no interruption.

Each year, businesses lose revenue and customers due to severe weather. Emergency traffic, downed power lines, flooded roads, and office shutdowns result in costly productivity losses and service interruptions.

With a robust connectivity solution and remote workspace solutions in place, you can minimize this risk. Staff can work from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection thanks to the cloud. Evacuations and localized power outages can no longer bring your business to a halt.

Preserve your valuable data.

Physical hardware and hard copies are vulnerable to fire, flooding, and theft. With your important data stored safely and securely, you will always have access to it — and the ability to recover your files if the need should arise. Data backup and recovery solutions are an important part of any business continuity strategy.

Keep the lines of communication open.

Communication is always key during an emergency. You don’t want to lose contact with your staff… or your customers. The ability to work remotely using reliable VoIP/telephony solutions can make all the difference when keeping your business rolling during or after a disaster.

Speak to experienced, knowledgeable IT professionals.

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