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"NCC was the all-in-one IT solution we'd been searching for.

NCC Cloud gives us everything we need in a simple, predictable package."

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What is NCC Cloud?

Imagine outsourcing your entire IT department and infrastructure at a low fixed rate.

Enjoy ALL of the benefits of the cloud, easily and affordably. Hardware, software, connectivity, data backup, security, and 24/7 help desk support are all at your disposal to empower your business.

NCC Cloud allows you to eliminate high IT capital expenses and have an IT department that scales seamlessly as your business grows.

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"NCC Cloud has proven to be the best IT decision I've ever made for our company.

We just can't thank NCC enough for showing us the light!"
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  • CompleteCloud for Your Business
  • 24/7 Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cybersecurity
  • Connectivity
  • Hardware & Software
  • Mobility
The cloud solution you've been waiting for.
CompleteCloud isn't just a name! Our cloud solution is the most comprehensive on the market today. More than just a migration, CompleteCloud empowers your business with a more secure, more reliable, and faster IT environment. After all, the perfect IT environment is one that you don't have to think about -- it just works, day after day! CompleteCloud’s unique pricing model keeps things simple. Your all-inclusive package ensures that your IT will be secure, predictable, scalable, and affordable. By placing all of your IT needs into a single cloud package, your IT is streamlined, your billing is simplified, and your headaches are gone. CompleteCloud is the only solution on the market that offers comprehensive packaging at this level, including:
  • All your hardware and all your Microsoft Core Infrastructure licenses
  • Your local internet bill is covered
  • 24x7 US-based help desk, backed up by local on-site support
  • Access your remote computer from any device, anytime
  • Advanced cybersecurity protection
  • A robust backup and disaster recovery solution to ensure business continuity
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Help is always there when you need it.
Our 100% US-based help desk responds to 9 out of 10 calls within 5 minutes. CompleteCloud’s help desk is available 24/7, 365 days a year -- always ready to provide the help you need to keep your operation running at 100%! With a US-based help desk, you can rest assured that you will always reach an American technician. (And because we serve partners with Department of Defense requirements, you can count on our help desk staying in the US!) Best of all, you can count on our streamlined and efficient support process to make troubleshooting quick and painless. Your help desk calls will always be answered by a tier 1 technician who will begin resolving your problem immediately.

24/7 365 Help Desk Support

  • Only 1% of all CompleteCloud users submit a support ticket each day
  • 9 out of 10 calls are answered within 5 minutes by our support team
  • 90% of all open cases are resolved within 30 minutes

On-Site Support

  • Local Support Team in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas
  • On-site support Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures rapid resolutions
  • Less than .05% of ComlpeteCloud users require on-site support annually
The future of your business relies on the safety of your data.
Eliminate the risk and sleep better at night. There is no shortage of calamities to worry over. Fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes -- and even manmade woes like ransomware and user error -- are all threatening your data. If your server room floods, how long will it take you to restore a backup? If ransomware locks access to your data, how long before your staff can get back to work? In most cases, loss of data means an expensive loss of productivity. Can you afford days, weeks, or even months of downtime and lost revenue if the worst happens? With CompleteCloud, you'll never have to find out. Or solution stores your data in redundant SSAE-18 data centers. This data center has experienced zero outages in 16 years and guarantees 99.999% uptime. CompleteCloud's secure backups mean that you need not fear data loss regardless of the disaster scenario.
The most secure private cloud solution available.
Ready to handle your business' sensitive data. The fundamental building block of the CompleteCloud solution is security. By offering a private cloud solution specific to you and your business, you know that you will never share that space with another company. Your servers live on their own specific domain behind your secure firewalls. Our data centers have multi-layered physical and digital security measures in place. Equipped with video surveillance, 24/7 security guards, and biometric scanners monitoring your data center space, no unauthorized individuals will ever have access to your data. If regulatory compliance is a factor (HIPAA, FDIC, etc.), our data centers are equipped to serve your needs. Your data is stored on enterprise-grade hardware that is considerably more advanced and more secure than what was traditionally available to small businesses. Best of all, you will never have to upgrade this hardware, sparing you considerable capital expenses. All of the security equipment and software that you need is included in CompleteCloud's simple pricing model.
Reliable connectivity with zero hassle.
We pay for and manage your business' internet service. CompleteCloud is built to eliminate IT distractions from your workflow -- and that includes dealing with internet service providers. When you're connected through the CompleteCloud solution, NCC leverages our relationships with ISPs to absorb those management duties. We even cover the costs of providing internet to your business by including it in your CompleteCloud package. We are often able to upgrade your service at no additional cost to you! CompleteCloud will also manage and provide vendor support for any enterprise line applications that your business uses. Specialty software and programs are vital to your operation, and we don’t want you to spend valuable time dealing with vendors when they decide to update or patch your current software. Acting as your vCIO, the NCC/CompleteCloud team will navigate those relationships and maximize your effective uptime.
What would you do with $500,000?
Eliminate IT capital expenses and release your cash back into your business. The typical SMB spends a hefty 7% of their gross annual revenue on Information Technology. About 31% of that is spent on computing hardware such as servers and workstations. This means a $25 million dollar company spends over $500,000 dollars in capital expense on their hardware annually! Traditionally, companies such as yours have been stuck in a cycle, buying or upgrading IT hardware every 3-5 years. This is not only a costly approach, but one that robs your business of productivity as new technologies are adopted, new hardware is phased in, and kinks are worked out. CompleteCloud offers a better alternative. With our solution, 100% of your company’s hardware needs are provided for – File Servers, Application Servers, Print Servers, Exchange Servers, Switches, Firewalls, Desktop Workstations, Wireless Access Points, Microsoft Licensing – all at a business enterprise level. You never have to concern yourself with hardware specs, as you get exactly what your business needs in a package that can easily scale up with your demands. CompleteCloud frees your business to grow and change with unlimited resources for applications and storage. Do you need three servers spun up for a new application? Need to increase your wireless coverage in that section of the warehouse? Your rate always stays the same. Even if it takes us 100 hours to complete a special project, there are no hidden charges or unexpected bills. Your business technology is almost infinitely scalable. CompleteCloud gives you a steady, fixed-rate solution that includes all your hardware needs -- now and in the future.
Work the way you want, where you want.
Get rid of your clunky VPN and access your fully-operational desktop anywhere there's an internet connection. Businesses around the world have recognized the benefits of remote working. Higher employee morale and reduced office expenses are just two of the reasons the "remote workplace" trend is here to stay. But for remote workers to be productive, fast, reliable connectivity is essential. Our CompleteCloud mobility solution empowers your team to work from any space, from any device, at any time. If you have access to the internet you will be able to access your business applications and critical data. Through enterprise-grade cloud mobility solutions, your business will thrive with greater collaboration, response times and a higher standard of technology performance. File servers, applications, and shared databases are always available regardless of location. Latency and internet speeds giving you problems? Our solution uses such little bandwidth that latency will cease to be an issue.

Enjoy the freedom of mobility with:

  • Fully-customizable offline access to corporate data
  • Greater employee engagement and satisfaction through site independence
  • Productivity increases
  • Optimized business workflow and collaboration, anytime and anywhere
  • Reduced dependency on internet speeds
  • Secure file access from any location

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