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CompleteCloud FAQ

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What is CompleteCloud?

CompleteCloud is an all-inclusive private data center package that gives businesses a secure, predictable, and scalable IT environment that will lower your total cost of ownership.


Is CompleteCloud secure? Will CompleteCloud safeguard my data?

CompleteCloud is the most secure private data center infrastructure solution available in the United States. Data is stored on enterprise-grade hardware that is considerably more advanced and more secure than most public cloud solutions — and more cost effective than other commercial private cloud solutions.


Is CompleteCloud HIPAA compliant?

 Yes! If your organization is bound by regulatory compliance, you’ll be glad to know that our data centers have the top audit rating in the industry.


What does a CompleteCloud package include?

 All your hardware and all your Microsoft Core Infrastructure licenses

  • Your local internet bill is covered
  • 24×7 US-based help desk, and local on-site support
  • Access your remote computer from any device, anytime
  • Enterprise cybersecurity protection
  • A robust backup and disaster recovery solution to ensure business continuity

How does CompleteCloud billing work?

 The entire package is billed at a single fixed rate. Billing is simple and predictable every single month, streamlining your IT management.


How do I reach CompleteCloud customer support?

 CompleteCloud users have 24/7 access to our 100% U.S.-based helpdesk. Helpdesk calls are always answered by a tier 1 technician who will begin working with you to resolve your issue immediately.

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